Tesla Model S Rental

Tesla Model S

Model S version P 85 d, 4 wheel drive
Sedan, 4-door, Seats 5

Swan Lake Resort Rentals offers you the option of adding a Tesla car rental to your stay, which will be waiting for you in the driveway of your vacation home upon arrival. The Model S is the premier, top of the line, Tesla luxury sedan which is significantly different from the more common Model 3. The resort also offers multiple charging stations on our property that are free of charge. Even if you plan on traveling farther, the car is pre-authorized to use any of the High-Speed Tesla supercharges at zero cost to you, no need for a credit card or pin, just plug the vehicle in and the charging will start. This rental price also includes an EZ pass so all your tolls are included in the rental fee at no additional cost. For insurance reasons, the Tesla must be rented through the Turo system, and cannot be added to your vacation home reservations.