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Resort Living
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Benefits of Our Community

Our Vision

Swan Lake Resort is in the process of converting a previously existing wooded campground into a beautiful lake front resort featuring the highest quality homes that offer year round enjoyment. Our goal is to provide a relaxing natural environment with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Natural Relaxing Environment - We go to great length to preserve every tree while at the same time developing homes that blend in with the environment. You will not find any fences, grass lawns, garages, concrete side walks or giant inflatable snowmen in our resort. All of our rules focus on keeping the look and feel of our community as natural as possible for people who prefer nature over urban sprawl.

Welcome To The Simple Life - The secondary goal of our community is to minimize the upkeep and work effort traditionally associated with home ownership. All our homes are less than 1,000 square feet and every step of our design incorporates the latest technologies to keep maintenance to a minimum. All our decks and steps are upgraded to composite materials, which do not rot like wood, nor do they require constant staining. All of our roofs are upgraded to standing seam metal, which prevents mold and mildew while out lasting traditional shingles. Lawns have been replaced with natural wood chips to eliminate the need for mowing or up keeping complicated sprinkler systems.


Can I stay in the Resort year round?
You may certainly use and enjoy your residence any time throughout the year (services are not disconnected in the winter), however there are a few local and state ordinances that must be followed. Swan Lake Resort is considered a campground, meaning that you must have a separate physical address. You may not use the Swan Lake Resort address to receive USPS mail (although Fed-Ex and UPS are permitted) and you cannot use the Swan Lake Resort address on your Drivers License, State ID or Voter Registration Card. Because these homes do not pay property taxes to the local school system, persons under 18 are not permitted to live full time in the home, although they may visit anytime. This requirement cannot be circumvented by sending children to private schools or home schooling.

What type of financing is available?
We offer in-house financing directly through our office at Swan Lake Resort. Our private financing offers competitive rates with no points or closing costs. While you may choose traditional bank financing, our financing is based primarily upon proof of income and your ability to pay rather than your credit history. Private financing requires 20% down payment and offers terms up to 25 years.

Do I own the land?
You are leasing the land as part of your association fee, also referred to as your lease payments or rent. This type of transaction is very similar to owning a condominium. The end results are nearly identical to a traditional home, in that the home is yours and you may use it at your leisure and sell it to whomever you wish (buyer approval by Swan Lake Resort is required and approval means they have to pass a criminal background check, agree to the standard lease and rules and have the ability to pay the annual association fees).

Will the association fees ever increase?
Like all fees, they will be adjusted in conjunction with the cost of living index and/or inflation.

What are the Special Discounts for Veterans, Police, Fire, EMTs & Medical Personnel?
  • Veteran or active duty soldier is 10%
  • EMT (advanced life support) is 2%
  • Paramedic is 3%
  • Nurse (RN) is 4%
  • Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant 5%
  • Medical Doctor (includes GP, Veterinarians, Dentists etc) 8%
  • Police Officer (active or retired) 10%
  • Fire Fighter 5%
Discounts are not cumulative; meaning a Doctor who is also a Veteran can only receive a maximum of 10%. Discounts only apply to the association fees when purchasing a new home from Swan Lake Resort.

I have been to some other resorts who sell "Park Model" homes, what is the difference between those homes and yours?
Our manufactured homes are, in every aspect, a full-fledged house, which must pass all local and federal inspections to receive a certificate of occupancy from the township. This means that you may use and enjoy your home as often as you wish and at any time. Park Models do not have the same benefits. Most "Park Models" also known as "Park Trailers" are higher end RV's (recreational vehicles) that are normally 400 square feet in size. They do not conform to local or federal (HUD) housing codes and would not be able to pass building inspections or receive a certificate of occupancy. Park Models are only built to comply with the lesser R.P.T.I.A building code, which allows them to use less robust wiring, electrical systems, reduced insulation and smaller sized plumbing than that which would normally be required in a traditional house. Under the National Electric Code, Article 552.4, Park Models / Park Trailers are intended for seasonal use and are NOT intended as a permanent dwelling. The DCA (Department of Community Affairs) has decided that Park Models / Park Trailers shall only be opened to the residents for six months or less each year, and access to the structure shall otherwise be restricted. Many Townships, such as Cape May, have begun to enforce this rule.

How much are the association fees and what is included?
Our standard fees typically start below $4,000 per year but can be more for water front / view properties. Included in this fee are all the common area maintenance and utilities, use of the Club House, free Tesla electric car charging stations, leaf collection, snow plowing the roads, fishing and use of the private lakes, trash removal, water and sewer. The homeowner is responsible for their electric and natural gas bills.

Why are some of the roads still gravel, will they be improved and who plows the snow?
Swan Lake Resort has been methodically improving the roads each year, however, because of the underground utilities that connect to each new home, the roads are constantly being dug into for new connections. Once a section of new homes are completed the roads will be upgraded from gravel to milled asphalt. The resort handles snow removal from all roadways in the community.

Are there any flooding concerns with living on the lake?
The Lake on our resort is engineered and constructed with a spillway dam to aid in the balance of water levels. While the lake is fed by a natural river (More's River) which flows out to the Old Port Beach in Port Republic, none of the homes in the resort are located in a flood plain or a flood zone. Even during heavy periods of rain, such as the 2012 Derecho or Hurricane Sandy, Swan Lake Resort did not suffer any property damage. All of our new homes are also elevated 3' feet above ground level and built to withstand 90+ MPH wind gusts.

Are the model homes for sale or can I order a custom built home?
All of our models are for sale but must be purchased on their current location with all the upgrades and furnishings. Prices for each model, including furnishings and decorations, can be seen on a chalkboard as you walk through each open house model. Models are open for viewing 7 days a week. You may also choose to custom build your home by picking a model and then choosing which upgrades and colors or upgrade packages you would prefer. Completion of a custom built home typically requires 3-4 months time from when you have completed all your selections.

What activities are allowed on the lake?
Residents are allowed to freely use either of the two lakes for boating and fishing. Fishing is only allowed by residents and there are several access points for those home owners who do not have waterfront property. Sail, solar, battery and human powered boats are all allowed but gasoline boats are prohibited. Because we do not have lifeguards on staff, swimming is not allowed.

Do you still have spaces for traditional RV campers?
We are slowly phasing out and eliminating all the older style RV's and campers, however, some do still remain in the Resort. Each year we have less as they either leave the resort or relocate to a different section in the community to make way for the new cottages. Our eventual goal will be 100% new units with no older style campers or RV's. We no longer accept transient campers on a weekly, weekend or monthly basis, all of our sites are for yearly / seasonal residents.